Back from Holidays

dolphinsGood to be back from holidays. We have so much in Canada. We are so lucky. A very windy holiday on the cruise boat. In fact, it was the roughest cruise I’ve ever taken. Lot’s of gray skies and endless whitecaps. We take photos when we can. Taken in Freeport, Bahamas.


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LIfe in the Fast Lane

webbackwardsA very interesting picture. No post op at all. This really belongs on a Rolex ad. Taken in New York City, New York.


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Thanksgiving with Thomas

thomaslideThomas is about nineteen months old now. He’s a terrific Grandson. Very independent. He more or less takes us for a walk. Thanksgiving has always been nice. Now it’s fantastic with family. Love the red soles on his shoes.


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All in a Name

JohnfYou need to be a certain age for the name to mean anything. For those of us who were lucky enough to be there, the John Fitzgerald Kennedy era was a unique time in American politics. We had a whiff of it in the early Obama years but the early sixties were special. In fairness to President Obama, it was a different world back then.

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My Little Sunshine

Thomas_lightThomas is getting quite used to his glasses and he hangs on to his favourite spoon when most kids prefer a blanket. Go figure. There was just enough light to bring the photo to life. That’s not a tear under Thomas’ left eye. It’s an internal reflection from his glasses. I was going to take it out with Photoshop but what you see is what came out of the camera. I will crop a picture and make small adjustments in colour or contrast but I rarely change a photo. Maybe I’m old school but it seems like cheating to me. Grand parenthood is great!

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Times Square

Times SquareJust got back from a week in New York. Pretty hard not to include a pic of Times Square. The place is a bit of a zoo! A nice zoo but a zoo never the less! From a photography viewpoint it is pretty obvious my point and shoot flash didn’t light this up!!! This was taken at night time with no flash (obviously) and was the only picture I took where the people were all visible. The signs acted like a giant flash! Quite something.

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Thomas Calling the Play


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

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