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Back from Holidays

Good to be back from holidays. We have so much in Canada. We are so lucky. A very windy holiday on the cruise boat. In fact, it was the roughest cruise I’ve ever taken. Lot’s of gray skies and endless … Continue reading

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My Little Sunshine

Thomas is getting quite used to his glasses and he hangs on to his favourite spoon when most kids prefer a blanket. Go figure. There was just enough light to bring the photo to life. That’s not a tear under … Continue reading

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Times Square

Just got back from a week in New York. Pretty hard not to include a pic of Times Square. The place is a bit of a zoo! A nice zoo but a zoo never the less! From a photography viewpoint … Continue reading

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Street Photography

The perfect backdrop for a tough, down to earth “street photography” photo. A young girl pushing a baby carriage or someone comatose on the curb would help but graffiti is a great place to start. Many street photography photos are … Continue reading

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Sharon and I had a great day yesterday visiting Toronto. The weather was holiday perfect and Toronto did not disappoint. The C.N. tower truly put Toronto on the map. Sharon has decided to have a birthday week instead of just … Continue reading

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Laura K. Moran

In the old days when a ship approached a port they were met with a “Pilot Boat” that would speed along side and allow the pilot to come aboard and help the Captain enter the port without mishap. Tug boats … Continue reading

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I guess my “outastate” roots are showing. To a New Yorker this has to be as bland a picture possible but to a Canadian from Barrie, Ontario, it’s ………..busy. Really busy. I can see what makes New York unique. We … Continue reading

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