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Lancaster Bomber in the Trees

We were at a Church Picnic in Hamilton with my family. I heard the unmistakeable sound of four Roll Royce engines coming in low and fast. I got two shots. No fishing through a lens bag looking for a long … Continue reading

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No Fishing

  I’ve never been a fisherman. Now that I’m retired I guess I will have the time. While I’ve learned never to say never over the years, I seriously doubt I will spend any of my retirement time fishing. I … Continue reading

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Picture of a Cruise Ship?

The cruise ship is there but it’s not a typical picture of a cruise ship. You can’t see much of it but you can certainly see what it delivers! This was taken in the Grand Turks. What makes it popular … Continue reading

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Canon Camera’s 40th.

Forty years for Canon Cameras. I don’t know what’s happened with Canon. I guess at the professional level things are ok. If it’s not broke don’t fix it sort of thing. At the entry level not much has happened for … Continue reading

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The Wet Hug

There are two of the cutest little girls here although you have to count the hands to make sure. Andrew’s wife Emily is reaping something of what Andrew sowed! I love the look on Em’s face! After the water fight … Continue reading

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Golden Sun on Board

Every now and then everything comes together and you get picture you really like. I least I like this one. It’s a hair over exposed but it’s also what the camera saw. The clock adds something to the photo. A … Continue reading

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Surf City

Bicycles and surf boards. Add one order of surf, some sandy beach and a dash of California sun and there you have it! The basic staples for a California vacation. We saw a fair number of these bicycles. Big tires … Continue reading

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