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The kids are gone and I'm shooting pictures of all sorts of good things.

Lancaster Bomber in the Trees

We were at a Church Picnic in Hamilton with my family. I heard the unmistakeable sound of four Roll Royce engines coming in low and fast. I got two shots. No fishing through a lens bag looking for a long … Continue reading

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Crossed the Rubicon

You may or may not recall the somewhat moving photo of Sharon holding Thomas during his last hair cut. Both seemed in great pain. Not so today. He has crossed the Rubicon. After his joyous haircut he took Nana and … Continue reading

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No Fishing

  I’ve never been a fisherman. Now that I’m retired I guess I will have the time. While I’ve learned never to say never over the years, I seriously doubt I will spend any of my retirement time fishing. I … Continue reading

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No Comment

Nice guys at the site.

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Out for a Walk

Being a Grand Father is great! Not as much time to post pictures but I will have to work on that. Thomas is growing and he’s a wonderful child. I guess this is his first time checking out the headless … Continue reading

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I’m shooting a lot more video these days. The winter, being what it is, has seen to it that pretty much all my shooting has been at well below zero. The movie button on the Canon 5d froze after only … Continue reading

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Carnival Sensation

Photographers are often urged to “shoot wide”. Often it’s good advise but like any rule, there are times the opposite is true. This telephoto photo of the Sensation gives a rather unique picture of a cruise ship. It works for … Continue reading

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