New Photography

I don’t own a cell phone and, frankly, I do very  little Facebook. I have read of the increasing interest in cell phone cameras. It goes back to the “camera you have with  you….” logic. One photographer said ” Forty percent of my favourite pictures were taken with my cell phone”.
My son in law emailed this picture while they were driving up to see us from Hamilton. I can see the appeal of cell phone photography (CPP) and the desire for better optics, etc.


About Chris Sorlie

The kids are gone and I'm shooting pictures of all sorts of good things.
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3 Responses to New Photography

  1. garydenness says:

    That’s a pretty good quality snap for a cell phone. I have to say one of the biggest factors in choosing my latest cell phone was how good the camera was. Although it has to be said, there’s no cell phone on the market that can come near the quality of a half decent camera.

    Having said that, and like you mention yourself, the best camera is the one you have with you. It’s an old saying but remains as true today as ever, and will stay that way for eternity.

    • Chris Sorlie says:

      So true Gary. When you consider the photo was transmitted from a moving car it’s all the more amazing.
      I want a scooter so bad I can taste it. I can afford it. I just can’t risk it! Damn.
      What are the odds of you two going back to Mexico???!
      Thanks for touching base Gary.

      • garydenness says:

        Shucks. I know why the scooter is an issue for you. That’s a shame, but understandable. I do still have plans on a video for the scooter….maybe this weekend.

        The odds are high. I’m sure we will return to Mexico. The question is really about when.

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