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Just leafing through my pictures. I realized I don’t have very many photos of us so here we are in the Queens Restaurant in Toronto. Sharon likes the wilderness and I have to confess I am a city boy. I … Continue reading

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Family Picnic

You don’t always get a choice with the weather when it comes to family picnics. Other that choosing not to go at all, you pretty much have to take what you get like these folks did. On occasion we get … Continue reading

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Enough Flowers!

Flowers are great but too much of a good thing is simply too much! There are other avenues for colour besides flowers. I was going to say at least flowers smell better than old cars but that too is debatable! … Continue reading

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Rose of Sharon

Sharon burst through the side door of the house saying “honey, you have to see my roses!”. I guess we’ve had this plant for a while with little results. A lady walking her dog by the house couldn’t help but … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

Sometimes a little colour is in order. The kids are coming over on Father’s Day, the sun is out and I’m walking and talking. The recovery is extremely slow but it’s good to be alive!

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Some ports of call will not allow the cruise ship to approach due to shallow water. In this event the life boats or tenders are used to ferry passengers ashore. High seas can make using a tender a bit of … Continue reading

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Too Much Info…..

I shoot pictures with a “point and shoot”. For traveling they are small, lightweight, and not all that expensive so if you drop it or it gets lost it’s not the end of the world. The same can’t be said … Continue reading

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