How Much Camera?

From time to time I wonder how much camera do you really need? I’m not talking about photographers who shoot for a living. I mean the average guy or gal who writes blogs and need a few shots to fill the screen. There are advantages to a single lens reflex camera. There are drawbacks too. For the traveller, weight and cost are the issues with, I believe, weight being the real deal breaker. Who wants to lug around a heavy camera bag? The promise of the Micro Four Thirds system is a smaller, lighter camera bag along with a better image. Still waiting for Olympus and the Micro Four Thirds pro body to hit the market requires the patience of Job. Could be a long wait.
I like this picture because it’s a little different from what you usually see in “cruise photography”. It’s also from the cuff. A slice of cruise life you could say. It’s the way it was.


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The kids are gone and I'm shooting pictures of all sorts of good things.
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3 Responses to How Much Camera?

  1. garydenness says:

    I think it’s not so much about ‘how much of a camera’ but ‘how many cameras’ you need! I’ve had a few over the last couple of years. The pocketable Panny TZ5 shot a reasonable image with a 10x zoom AND fit in my pocket. The FZ35 and Fuji HS10 both shot good quality images and had fabulous zoom lenses. A DSLR would have given me the best image quality and also the ability to control depth of field. But they all have drawbacks too.

    I went for the Olympus Pen as a compromise camera. Great image quality, portable body, ability to increase zoom with new lenses. But I won’t deny it, there are times when I wish it would totally fit in my pocket and there are times I wish it had a hoofing great 30x zoom lens. I’d have gotten some better shots at the Royal Wedding I suspect. But such is life.

    Panny do a pro body for their MFT cams. But I can’t help but feel, if you’re going to have a larger body, why not pick up a DSLR with a full sized sensor?

    • Chris says:

      That’s a very good point Gary. I guess I really liked the Olympus. I’m not in a big hurry as I won’t be traveling for a few months due to the surgery. Still, you point is well taken. I borrowed my son’s 60d with a 50mm 1.2 lens. It was a nice camera. Once you dive in you’re stuck with the system. Whatever……!

  2. I have the Canon S90, and it is an awesome camera for the size. Shoots RAW and fits in your shirt pocket. It has now been superseded by the S95.
    I also bought the Pentax K5, and am outfitting a Prime Lens travel kit to use with it. Did this quite successfully with the FA77 and DA35 Macro on a recent trip to Indonesia. Next lens is the DA15.
    I shot for 10 years with the Fuji 645 60mm fixed lens. I like the prime lens concept as it forces you to look for the picture and zoom with your feet. The sharpness and extra bokeh that is achievable with the wide apertures also adds another dimension to the pictures that I take.

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