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Merry Christmas

I don’t know if the picture really illustrates how cold it is in Barrie, Ontario on Christmas Day. It’s cold. Not the minus 40 degree cold but that clear, hardly a breeze, man is it cold sort of feeling. I … Continue reading

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Key Ambassador

The hotel we stayed at in Key West was beautiful. It was reasonably priced and well looked after as well. We were there in November so the temperatures were moderate. I guess in the summertime with the extreme southern location … Continue reading

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San Juan

This sentry’s post is one of San Juan’s icons. It rests on top of the wall protecting the old city. The view is beautiful.

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Downtown San Juan

Downtown San Juan is a bustling place filled with colourful shops and, of course, lots to traffic. San Juan was bigger than I was expecting and quite congested. Might have been a good place to rent a scooter or even … Continue reading

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St.Thomas at Night

I don’t know why but I didn’t take as many pictures as I usually do when on holiday. We’ve had a fair amount of snow already and I find myself going to the photos taken down south as a form … Continue reading

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Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen

Homestyle cookin’ in a classic Key easy atmosphere. That’s straight off the menu. We had to look for Mrs. Mac’s. It’s on US #1 south but our G.P.S. showed the restaurant on the left side when, in fact, it’s on … Continue reading

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Key West

The snow continues to pound as Southern Ontario enters it’s second major storm and all this before Christmas! This is a picture of the causeway outside of Key West. That causeway runs right along the horizon. No snow here!

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