New Camera – New Look

I thought I would change the look of the post. I liked the other theme but this change allows for larger pictures. The 14 – 42 kit lens on the Olympus is quite good. Here are a couple of photos looking at the overall sharpness of the lens. I threw a gull in here just because I am starting to like seagulls! The photo was cropped. I tried the Olympus 14 – 150 but it wasn’t as crisp as the standard kit lens. Great camera. I am really looking forward to the Panasonic 20mm 1.7 prime lens. I think it will make the camera especially useful for low light and indoor low light situations.
I’ve often wondered what the bottom of a sea gull’s foot looks like. I guess now I know. O.k., I’ve never really given a sea gull’s foot any consideration at all.


About Chris Sorlie

The kids are gone and I'm shooting pictures of all sorts of good things.
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7 Responses to New Camera – New Look

  1. Paul says:

    A big CONGRATS Chris!

    You finally took the plunge!!

    Did you buy this at Henry’s with David Brenton? I wouldn’t be surprised – he’s a real Olympus geek (my favourite salesman there).

    Great shots – we’ll have to go for a walk with our cameras and the pup (Ghillie) sometime soon!



  2. Chris Sorlie says:

    Yep! David’s the guy who started me thinking Olympus years ago. I really like the output of the camera so far.

    Great idea for the walk. I’m sure Ghillie would make the post! Let’s plan that.

    We are so lucky to have Jesus!


  3. garydenness says:

    The Vigilance theme! Like it! I used this one on my blog for over a year till I switched recently. I still use it on my 365 blog.

    • Chris Sorlie says:

      I didn’t realize the Twenty Ten used bigger pictures. I’m changing over to it. Will re-do a few of the pics and carry on. It’s been fun Gary! How soon before you get your 20mm 1.7 Panny lens? I hear it changes the whole character of the E-PL1! I must confess I miss that long easy zoom!!!

      • garydenness says:

        The Twenty Ten has a 640px width, which is as wide as any two column theme goes, unless I missed one.

        I’m not sure we’re thinking of the same lens though! The 20mm is a pancake lens with no zoom….but I want this one next. It makes the camera pocketable if I’m wearing a baggier pair of jeans.

        I want some zoom too though. The 45mm – 20mm will do the job nicely without spending too much dinero. That’ll come next.

        When? Sigh. A while yet. I’m saving to get back to the UK first. Then I’ll be saving for deposit and rent on an apartment. Then for a new PC – I’ll sell my current one when I leave here. Then a new Plasma TV. The list goes on…!

  4. Chris Sorlie says:

    Olympus will have a 75 – 300 (150 – 600 eq.) out before this Christmas I’m told. I tried their 14 – 150 (28 – 300) but found it wasn’t as bright as the kit lens. The 45 – 200 looks good. Will have to check that out although if I keep the Fz I won’t really need it. The Fz and the lens are worth about the same here.
    I’m going to bed shortly – bit tired or I would look at the editing screen. I don’t know how to attach links. Will check tomorrow. I may have to ask you.

    • Chris Sorlie says:

      Oh I feel for your lens situation! You have a few hefty bills ahead of you. I know housing is pretty expensive in your neck of the woods but if you can somehow wrangle anything with your name on the deed, in the long run it will really help you. We couldn’t do the traveling we are doing now if we didn’t have a house. It’s not big and we still have a small mortgage on it but it helps. Again, I know it’s a lot tougher in the UK. It’s not easy here either.

      I was thinking of the pancake 1.7 for low light.

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