Welcome Back

Every now and then kindness will happen your way. Not a random act of kindness but a deliberate thoughtful gesture from one human being to another. We visited the Sheraton Hotel on Queen St. in Toronto. We choose the hotel because, over twenty years ago, we had taken our young children there in the winter to try the hotel’s heated indoor / outdoor pool. Looking up at Toronto’s starry sky with my daughter in my arms as we both experienced the contrast of warm water and cold winter air for the first time, is a memory I still cherish. Sharon explained all this to Rita, the Guest Services Agent, as a matter of interest. We were really back just to see the pool again.

That night we received this fruit platter along with a bottle of wine and a kind note welcoming us back to the hotel. Welcome back. This sort of thing only happens in the movies yet here we were blessed with a personal handwritten note. Not a computer generated paper but a genuine expression of kindness  just for the sake of making someone’s day.

So thank you Rita! Thank you very much. The Sheraton needs another hundred just like you. Very well done!


About Chris Sorlie

The kids are gone and I'm shooting pictures of all sorts of good things.
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