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There is something about a Vespa. Wherever they go they belong. Europe or North America it doesn’t matter. They just fit right in. This Vespa was parked by the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, Ontario. Like the tree it’s presence … Continue reading

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Home for the Bethel Kings is in the country. The playoffs are underway and the team has held it’s own. It’s been a good year. Teams may lose but they don’t fail. The friendships made in the trenches are enduring … Continue reading

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Welcome Back

Every now and then kindness will happen your way. Not a random act of kindness but a deliberate thoughtful gesture from one human being to another. We visited the Sheraton Hotel on Queen St. in Toronto. We choose the hotel … Continue reading

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Police Warmth

I am convinced the BMW is a superior motorcycle in terms of rider safety. I can’t comment as to cost, service, etc. but it accelerates better, stops better, and handles better, all three points weighting in the German bike’s favor. … Continue reading

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Police Training

This is a whole new aspect of motorcycling to me. I have never really considered the need for this sort of training although it makes perfect sense. The only thing I missed were the BMW’s. Three were in attendance from … Continue reading

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