Policing is dangerous work. Near the top of the list is riding a motorcycle. Police forces around the world spend considerable money training their officers how to handle their machines. Precision handling of the bike around pylons grew into formation teams and eventually, competitions. One of these is being held in Barrie this weekend. I just happened by on the first day of practice.

In any competition to perform at one hundred percent means you need to find where one hundred and one percent is. You need to find the line. In this case, that means dropping the bike. Some good natured “razzing” in the form of a quick touch of the siren from a few of his team members just to let everybody know – hey someone dropped their bike – added to the fun. I talked with several of the officers. They were all very nice, very warm people. Our society, the press in particular, does these people a great injustice. Policing is thankless, difficult work at the best of times and while nothing is perfect in this world they do an excellent job.

Several states were represented as well. This weekend should be a great competition.


About Chris Sorlie

The kids are gone and I'm shooting pictures of all sorts of good things.
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