Spanish Ceremics

If I see a view with a lot of colour I tend to take a picture. It was a bit of a gray day in Mijas so any colour was welcome.

The drop off is quite steep and the mist kept the temperature down until it burned off in the late morning. No mistake about it, this is mountain country and even with the cloud cover it was a great place to visit.

I think a polaroid filter would have helped here. There are some lighting situations the Fz35 struggles with. It doesn’t happen very often but on occasion I wonder if there is something wrong with the camera or maybe it’s the photographer.


About Chris Sorlie

The kids are gone and I'm shooting pictures of all sorts of good things.
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4 Responses to Spanish Ceremics

  1. B.Held says:

    Beautiful shots.

  2. garydenness says:

    Some lighting situations are so grey and nasty that any camera would struggle with it. I think you found just such a situation! If you ask me what makes a great photo, it’s 50% light and 50% subject. If either is missing, the photo is gonna suck. Or at least not be so good!

    Fact is the lighting isn’t always going to be just right and I end up bringing plenty of photos home of things I like but all washed out, greyed out, noised out or otherwise less than perfect.

    That’s when I apply some filters more than any other time. I took the liberty to download your snap and apply a couple of filters, and upload it to Photobucket (I can delete them once you’ve seen ’em) just to give an idea of what I mean.

    For the first one I applied an HDR process. Pseudo, because I don’t have three differing exposures of the shot, just the one I got from you. A bit noisy, but it’s got a bit more life popped into it, in my opinion.

    Then I tried again, just darkening things a little and applying a vignette to create a moody look.

    It has to be said, my efforts aren’t appreciated by a lot of people who’ll tell me that I’ve turned it into an over processed piece of crap! But then, they usually haven’t seen the piece of ultra crap I started with!! (I’m not referring to your photo as a piece of crap btw, I’m just speaking generally!)

  3. Chris Sorlie says:

    No need to delete. I am impressed with your handling of the print. Very well done. There’s a lot to learn in both photo processing and blog writing. I did wrestle with using the picture due to the glare but I thought seeing the view was better than nothing.
    Very well done Gary!!!! Thanks again!

  4. garydenness says:

    By the way, the whole point of me doing that was to tell you that I use Nik Silver Efex Pro, which makes filtering photos easy….and I forgot to mention it!!!!

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