California Sunset

Carmel sunset to be more specific. We are headed back to the west coast and will, weather permitting,  drink in yet another Carmel sunset. Whatever the case we are both looking forward to going again. We should be there Wednesday night but it will be at the end of a long travel day. I was going to buy another camera for the trip but the “stuff” that would really make a difference would both cost a ton and weight even more. The “not so costly stuff” wouldn’t perform much better than what I have so no camera.
My kids, who have been to California, said they wish they could come with us to try out “Baja Fresh” again. We will have a nacho for  you guys! Here we are on a photography blog site and do I show you wonderful pics of the Pacific Coast Highway? Noooooooo! Have another nacho. All these shots Lx3.

Not every picture is a photo of a tulip or a sunset. The staff at “Baja Fresh” were pretty friendly. If I get the time, I might do a last blog but time will be tight. If I can’t, I will blog again in a few weeks Lord willing.


About Chris Sorlie

The kids are gone and I'm shooting pictures of all sorts of good things.
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