The Brigade

Fire trucks are neat for the most part but old fire trucks bring out the Bogart in everyone! This one first saw the light of day in 1940. Britain was hanging on by the skin on it’s teeth and Pearl Harbor hadn’t happened yet. I suspect most of Barrie Fire were manning different brigades in places around the world. Time……


About Chris Sorlie

The kids are gone and I'm shooting pictures of all sorts of good things.
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3 Responses to The Brigade

  1. David says:

    Really like the deep, rich colors of this shot.

  2. Chris Sorlie says:

    Thanks David. You’ll have to let me know your camera decision. I’ve been wrestling with it for the last month or so. There’s a lot to consider as you know.

  3. David says:

    Hi Chris,

    I answered your comment here:

    {You might not recognize the blog – I just changed the theme!}

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