Bermuda Yacht

There is something about the colour of the water in the tropics. It’s one of the big pulls to the south in the first place. Next to the warmth of the sun, the water just speaks to me. The boat’s not too bad either.


About Chris Sorlie

The kids are gone and I'm shooting pictures of all sorts of good things.
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2 Responses to Bermuda Yacht

  1. sorrentolens says:

    Love it… yes, the color of the water is inviting and the sun is the temptress….

    Good luck.

  2. meandmycanon says:

    I see you’re a Chevy man. My dad had a 56 Chev Bel-Air. Actually it was white and turquoise blue. Not quite the aqua colour but close. We had a ’59 and a ’60 Chev as well. The fins were great!

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