If I had to have just one camera…

I think Norman Rockwell would have liked this. Click on the picture and look carefully at this slice of European life. Look at the different expressions of humanity.

The Lx3 by Panasonic has been a bit of a “cult” camera with a following that still continues even though the camera has been available for over two years. The camera’s wide angle and ability to take clean pictures without a flash are what makes the camera what it is. What’s not so obvious is the relatively low purchase price  when compared with an S.L.R. This combined with it’s light weight, small size, image stabilized lens and no heavy bag of camera lenses really make the camera a must have for travel. This is the camera that taught me about wide angle photography. I have a Fz35 for longer range photography but if I had to have just one camera – this would be it.


About Chris Sorlie

The kids are gone and I'm shooting pictures of all sorts of good things.
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5 Responses to If I had to have just one camera…

  1. garydenness says:

    If I had to have just one camera, it would be a Panasonic, but this one.

    But given the price of it, and my budget being what it is, the LX3 would be a more likely contender for my cash!

    (And the cost is, I suspect, why MFT units didn’t come up in our previous conversations!)

    • meandmycanon says:

      HI Gary!
      What is an MFT unit?

      • garydenness says:

        It’s the new format being pushed by Olympus and Panasonic. Take a DSLR, remove the SLR bit, and voila….a compactish body with a big DSLR sized (or almost) sensor inside. You have the ability to change lens and get great quality photos with a unit that can slip into a pocket, if they are big enough.

        Samsung have just released their version of this concept, the NX, and Sony are working on theirs.

        Olympus and Panny have already produced some fantastic MFT cameras but they are a little pricey…

  2. meandmycanon says:

    So the GF1 would be one of these too? I really like the looks and feel of a Gf1 but a Leica 14-50 2.8/3.5 is $1,500 Cdn. while the camera with the 20mm 1.7 is $1,100 Cdn. I can live with the camera. It’s the lenses. In fairness, I feel the same way about SLR’s.

    Thanks for you kind words about the dog. You have one? Married? Family?

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