Niagara On the Lake

When I think of a humble family run winery, this isn’t what I imagine. This is a shot of one of the local wineries that populate Niagara On the Lake, a region and small town about thirty minutes west of Niagara Falls. This company alone does a quarter of a billion dollars a year in sales! A very nice place to visit. A great place to get educated on wine.

This was the first time I’ve had to air out my new Panasonic Fz35. In bright light it’s a remarkable camera.

We are planning on coming back to this region in the summer. The flat quiet roads will make for great cycling. Picnics with French bread, wine and cheese and just enjoying the Ontario countryside are hard to resist!

We are so blessed to live in this country although I must confess I could “hang around” Europe for quite some time as well.


About Chris Sorlie

The kids are gone and I'm shooting pictures of all sorts of good things.
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