As Blue as the Dog…

There’s something about resting by your master’s feet with your favourite bone just a whisker away. Life is good.

I should say I returned my Canon T2i. The story is too long to tell here but, in a nutshell, I had two cameras. A Panasonic Fz35 and the Canon T2i. I had to get rid of one so I took them out for some comparison shooting last night and this morning. The Canon owned the night but not by as much as you would think. The real surprise was the day shots. In good light, the Fz was every bit as good as the Canon T2i, sometimes, even better! I know, I know, on paper it’s no contest and in fairness to the Canon, I was using the “kit lens” Canon supplies. Still, the performance of the Panasonic was remarkable. To get fast lenses to let the Canon shoot to it’s potential would cost an extra two to three thousand. Lot’s of weight. Even more money! With this in mind I returned the Canon.

I confess I was feeling as blue as the dog. Then I happened on a site by Gary Denness. (click on the Fz35 tag – look for Fz35 gallery ) showing what can be done with the camera in the right hands. Wow! It seems I have a great deal more to learn. I need to reorder that Lx3 as well.


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3 Responses to As Blue as the Dog…

  1. garydenness says:

    The FZ35 is a fine piece of kit, and I’ve been happy so far. Although I am considering getting a new Fuji HS10 soon instead!

    Have you ordered that LX3 already? If not, have you checked out Canon’s S90? If the lack of HD video doesn’t bother you, then that’s well worth a look. Lack of HD does bother me, so I would still plump for the LX3, but from a still photo perspective the S90 is the better choice.

    There’s also Samsungs new TL500 to consider, with it’s articulating screen and very fast f1.8 glass. First impressions that I’ve read have been pretty positive…

    • meandmycanon says:

      Hi Gary!

      I haven’t ordered the Lx3 yet. I too am waiting to see the TL500 by Samsung. I am not at all familiar with Samsung cameras. I don’t know if their image quality would compare with Panasonic. Most of the shots on my blog were shot by the Lx3. I had more or less resigned myself to two cameras, the Fz35 for day, the Lx3 for indoor / low light / night. We just got back from Niagara Falls where I used the Fz. I will put a few shots on the blog. The images from the Fz35 for the most part are very clean. The Canon T2i felt more like a camera but when looking at the images it was very hard for my nonprofessional eye to really tell the difference. You really need good glass in front of the Canon to get what it can deliver and good glass costs! The weight is a hassle as well.

      We’re going to California this May. I hope the have my second camera before then. I don’t know if the Tl500 will be available before then.

      I don’t know why but I’ve always liked the Pentax K7. For some reason when I look at the images it produces they just don’t seem to have the same sharpness Panasonic seems to able to deliver. Maybe it’s just me. I guess it’s small size and solid construction are appealing factors. I’ve read on line some people imply Pentax is headed for “rocky waters”. What exactly they mean, I don’t know.

      That new Fuji HS10 seems pretty incredible. I will be very curious to see the image quality. I’m not sure if I need 30x! If the Lx3 had the same wide angle fast glass and a 10x zoom that would be more than enough for me (although the 18x zoom is fun to use!)

      Anyway, thanks again for your site. It really made me take another look at the Fz.

      Will keep in touch!


  2. garydenness says:

    I know what you mean about the Samsung. A year ago I wouldn’t have recommended them to anyone. They did what they did well, but what they did was ‘cheap and cheerful’!

    But they seem to be taking a far more aggresive position on the compact market, and putting some time and money into changing their image. Hopefully that also means decent cameras. They’ve certainly become very innovative. As I said, the first ‘hands on previews’ I’ve read about the TL500 are that it’s a very promising unit. Here’s hoping the full reviews confirm the initial views, because on paper it’s a might impressive camera.

    The K7 is well out of my price range, although I was looking at the K-x funnily enough, before I plumped for the FZ35. Very decent camera indeed and would be my choice if I were to go the DSLR route today. I’ve heard rumblings that Pentax has a few problems, but from what I understand they should be ok. It would be a real shame if anything were to happen to them…they make some great stuff at bargain prices.

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