The Mediterranean

Was it something I said? Yes it was late October but I thought there would be a few more people. Really, it was a beach pretty much like any other beach.

Still, the warm sand beneath your “tootsies” felt great. Obviously, in the summer this place would be packed. There is only so much stuff you can cram into a Vespa trunk. Towels or beach blankets didn’t make it. We used our coats in a pinch. It was ok. Actually, it was better than o.k.. We improvised and stayed flexible which are two good practices to maintain on any trip.

I tried to run the Vespa right on to the beach but it quickly got stuck. It may be a scooter but we had our hands full pushing it out. We were a little late actually getting here so we were both famished! There’s nothing like a picnic on the beach. Sharon said the wine was fine! Next a run up the coast.


About Chris Sorlie

The kids are gone and I'm shooting pictures of all sorts of good things.
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