Vespa In Italy

I must confess, even though I am an experienced motorcyclist, the first twenty minutes on the Vespa 300 were pretty scary. This is no false humility or a backhanded way of slipping in some bravado. I was terrified! The cobblestones were bumpy and streetcar tracks crossed these Roman roads  at all sorts of angles. This, coupled with pizza sized wheels and very heavy traffic demanded  my attention. It really was hairy.
We had get out of Rome. We headed for the Pope’s summer retreat. I figured if he liked it, we would too. On the way we drove through a lovely Italian town. A large bridge at one end of town brought traffic and commerce  to this little village. I managed to find a parking spot on the bridge itself adjacent to the city hall. This is what the Vespa 300 was designed for.

Here is the reason for renting the Vespa. We are away from the tourist traps. We’re in Italy! There’s a great pizza shop just down the street. Pictures to follow. The town square and the local church are just behind the officer. It was Sunday just after church and the locals were in no hurry to go home.


About Chris Sorlie

The kids are gone and I'm shooting pictures of all sorts of good things.
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